August 22, 2022

Redefining Talent Acquisition and Development: Implementing Skills Taxonomy in the Modern Workplace

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Redefining Talent Acquisition and Development: Implementing Skills Taxonomy in the Modern Workplace.

Recent studies indicate that simply calculating the duration an individual has served in a specific role may not be an accurate measure of their foundational skills as outlined in the job description.

This situation is further complicated by the present state of the labor market. The 2023 Workplace Learning Report shows a marked shift in job skill requirements, with approximately 25% change since 2015. Projections suggest this figure could double by 2027, widening the gap between the skills that hiring managers are seeking and those possessed by job seekers.

In this changing landscape, how can your organization adapt and react? What are the practical steps that you can take?

Given the ongoing change in job skill requirements, maintaining a skills inventory will become increasingly essential. A significant 89% of learning and development (L&D) professionals agree that having skill data on hand for proactive upskilling and reskilling of current employees is key to navigating the changing work environment successfully.

The steps include identifying the skills needed for all roles in the organization and verifying the proficiency level of their employees' skills. A streamlined way to achieve both objectives is to develop a skills taxonomy unique to each role in your organization.

A firm's ability to understand its capabilities through skill mapping and concentrate on maximizing internal resources (rather than outsourcing or hiring new ones) will be vital for achieving efficiency and optimal team performance in the upcoming period.

Embrace the future of work with Leedus, your partner in skill management and workforce development.

Through our platform, you can identify the necessary skills for each role, understand the proficiency level of your employees, and devise a tailored skills taxonomy for every role. Our comprehensive skill mapping helps organizations make the most of their internal resources, leading to improved efficiency and performance.

Leedus facilitates proactive upskilling and reskilling of your workforce, helping your organization not just keep pace with, but anticipate, the changing skill demands of the labor market. Whether it's through personalized learning journeys or fostering an environment of continuous learning, Leedus is committed to empowering your organization's growth through a focus on skills and learning.

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Reem Baiazid
Cofounder @Leedus