August 22, 2022

How to encourage your team to learn from one another

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How to encourage your team to learn from one another?

Peer-to-peer learning can be a robust development tool that overcomes the most common barriers to skills acquisition and benefits from the expertise already recognized in your organization. Think of all the intelligent individuals you hire and surround yourself with each day, and how much could be achieved if peers communicated their expertise to learn and acquire new skills.

Learning Loop:

The individual gains new skills best in any circumstances that include all four stages of what is called the “Learning Loop”. Gain knowledge; apply this knowledge; get feedback and think about what has been absorbed. Unlike most learning methods - such as tests, exams, and high-pressure skill demonstrations - peer-to-peer learning forms a space in which the learners can feel safe managing these risks without feeling that their boss evaluates their performance in learning.

Benefits of encouraging Peer to Peer learning:

Advantage of peer-to-peer learning is that the structure itself allows Learners to develop management and leadership skills. Group discussions help employees grasp the difficult skills to share and receive honest, and productive feedback.

In addition, peer learning provides employees with leadership training, management of diverse points of view, and acquisition of skills such as empathy. Traditional peer-to-peer learning programs can take many forms. Your program could combine participants in individual sessions, create affiliates who work together for a few months on real work problems, or weekly sessions where individuals share the latest knowledge they have gained with their peers, with plenty of time to discuss and reflect.

Best Practices:

To ensure that any peer learning program is effective for your team, some best practices are recommended: although the structure of peer learning is more horizontal than hierarchical, it is important to have a neutral party that is not the team manager to facilitate the retention program on the right path. This person, ideally an experienced moderator, should organize meetings, keep everyone on the subject, advance conversations and learn, experience and ask questions about a positive atmosphere for the participants to learn, experience, and ask questions. Peer learning only works if participants feel safe enough to share their thoughts, experiences, and questions.

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