Teaching and learning, at your own pace

Engage students with fun activities that translate into real, quantifiable learning. Make leaps in student performance with an interactive education platform.

Manage all study material in one place.

Help every student reach their full potential. Teach, review and assess learning—and make it fun.
Get review from your teacher
Instant discussion with teacher
Group work with your classmates

Gain actionable intelligence about your talent

With Leedus, gain actionable intelligence about your talent to drive strategic growth, enhance workforce productivity, and future-proof your organization.
Workforce Intelligence
Unlock deep insights into your workforce through our advanced AI-powered engine. Leverage this data-driven intelligence to align talent with strategic goals seamlessly.
Empower your workforce with tailored learning recommendations, turning skill gaps into growth opportunities and fostering a culture of continuous upskilling.
Internal Mobility
Boost internal mobility and enable your workforce to leverage their skills effectively and transition seamlessly into roles where they can shine and deliver maximum value.

No more bored, sleepy faces. Just fun lessons.

Don’t juggle multiple tools just to make online teaching exciting for students. Get a single tool loaded with all the features you need to make learning fun.
Modern, intuitive design
Easy to use for teachers, students and parents. Spend less time on the tool, more time teaching.
Detailed insights
Know the problem areas that need addressing, which student needs extra help and more.
Fun games
Add games to your lessons, and promote friendly, low-stakes competition.

Build flexible lesson plans that help every student learn

Make lessons a two-way conversation with audio and video recordings + responses.  Teach individuals or the whole class. Support learning everywhere— with varied, engaging activities.

Get instant feedback on comprehension

Build stronger, more productive teams through interactive peer learning experiences. Eduflow empowers students to put theory into practice by reviewing each other's work anonymously.

Build interactive lessons, in minutes

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Flexible deadlines
Remove the pressure from homework. Add flexible deadlines that help your students do their best.
Video recordings
Let students go back to lessons and revise on their own with recordings stored within the platform.
Just-in-time notifications
Make sure your students never miss a class. Set email and in-platform notifications with a click.